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To those seeking guest speakers in DFW,

For Christian assemblies:

>Sexual Abuse Counseling
I became a Christian in 1973 and have diligently studied the Bible ever since.  I married in 1986, and in 1990 while pregnant with our first and only child, I began to remember the incest I suffered as a child.  After several years of counseling and seeking God and His Word, I wrote Biblical Answers to Abuse; and I have led several women's groups through the book and on to healing in Christ.

>Homeschooling and Tutoring Disabled Students
When our son Andrew was four years old, I taught him to read using a color-assonant system.  My husband worked for Alpha Omega Publications, and we created Color Phonics®.  Andrew was quick to read, but very slow to write and said his hands and feet hurt; so we taught him to type.  Peter figured out Andrew needed a block style letter system, so he made one and I developed the curriculum for Unblocked! Dysgraphia Workbooks.  It wasn't until Andrew was a teenager we discovered he had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome.  I also wrote a workbook for those with dyscalculia called Arithmability. Though not a special education teacher, I developed products for dyslexia, dysgraphia, and dyscalculia.

>Bible Chronology and Ancient History
I published Pharaohs of the Bible and compiled its accompanying time-line.  This book synchronizes the ancient histories of Egypt and other countries to the very accurate history of the Holy Bible using 4004 B.C. as the year of Adam and Eve's creation.  Therefore I have also studied creationism and pre-flood technologies.


For educational assemblies:

>Speech and Reading
I wrote the curriculim and stories and provided the audio for Color Phonics®; and I also wrote and received a patent (#6,126,447) for the color assonant phonetics system used in the product.  Because of my vocal music background, I incorporated speech into Color Phonics® and the importance of minimal pair consonants into SLP Field Kit with its support page.

>Arithmetic and Algebra
I have taught and tutored middle school mathematics, including algebra, for over a decade.  I edited and wrote some lessons for the FREE 3D algebra game Math Island.
Mathematics is best learned through using manipulatives in order to understand why a particular process arrives at a correct answer.



Eve Engelbrite