Skills Profile

Natural skills are called talents, but they still require effort to make them effective.


No one told me how to write a book or a patent. I learned what was required and did it. Writing is my tool and my craft.


I've edited students' work for several years. While running a home business, I proofread and edited everything.
I have written and edited my books, and self-editing is much harder than editing the work of others.


Ever since being taught how to do a real research paper as a senior in high school, I have greatly enjoyed writing research papers. Thorough research has been the basis of my educational products and books.


I have a knack for organizing data into chunks which make sense.
I have organized students into groups so they can make sense together.
I love timelines whether they are to better perceive history or to chart weekly chores.

Teaching and Public Speaking

I write and follow a lesson plan, agenda, or outline when I speak. I am a confident and knowledgable speaker.
I recently joined Toastmasters to better my speaking abilities.

Counseling and Tutoring

Since I was in junior high school, people have come to me for personal counseling and academic tutoring. As an adult I've worked as a tutor. While at Real World Worship Center in Virginia, I led an abuse recovery group for women during the summer of 2005. My husband ad I were asked to be lay counselors for the church, and we counseled several couples over the next couple years.


I've been composing and singing my songs since junior high school. I've written well over 100 songs as well as a choral musical on the Biblical book of Nehemiah.

Software Skills

I recall punch cards, various sizes of floppy discs, and educational computers which used cassette taped instructions.
I learned FORTRAN. My first computer was an Amiga, and I loved EA's Deluxe Music®.
If it has a decent tutorial, I can learn to use the software.

Software Skills
Title Since
MS Office® 1990
CorelDraw® 1995
Cool Edit (Adobe Audition®) 1995
Sibelius® 1996
Adobe PhotoShop® 1996
Adobe PageMaker® 1997
MS Front Page® 1997
Intuit QuickBooks® 1997 2004
Adobe DreamWeaver® 2008