This website includes links to my credentials and samples of my work.


I have been working since I was seventeen. This is an abbreviated work history of the last thirty years.


An education consists of much more than college classes. I have also learned a lot about archaeology and art history and abuse counseling, and many other topics on my own. I started my home-business in 1995, and my husband left his job and joined me in 1999.


I've only included contractual teaching experience. I've home-schooled my son from 1994 to the present. I taught other homeschoolers drama one year, and facilitated two homeschool science fairs. I presented the "Dys-abled Child" at the AZ homeschool convention in 1998.

Math Samples

In the classroom I have often supplemented the curriculum by designing my own materials.

Writing Samples

My first published work was a poem in "I Never Promised You a Rod McKuen" when I was twelve. I had several of my poems published in my junior high school's Journal, and I won second place in the speech contest. Throughout my teens I had several letters to the editor published in the local newspaper.

Music Samples

I began setting my poems to music when I was twelve. I obtained a music theory book and taught myself how to notate a music score. Piano was my main instrument until I learned guitar in college. I composed music using Deluxe Music® on the Amiga and produced three CD's. I recently learned how to write and adapt sounds and music for video.


I have worked with my husband for over a decade on several projects, and we are still happily married. I have had the privilege of teaching my son who became an eagle scout at thirteen and continues to give me many reasons to be proud of him. These two references mean the most to me, but I have also worked outside of the home with some amazing individuals.