B.A. in Elementary Ed., with minors in math and music 08/78 - 12/81

Arizona State University GPA: 3.45 Transcripts: page 1 and page 2

I worked through college as a pre-calculus math tutor.

Five semester units at San Jose State University, CA, 1985. GPA: 4.0

Six semester units at Canada College, CA, 1992-93. GPA: 4.0

Six semester units at Rio Salado Community College, AZ, 1998. GPA: 4.0

Nine semester units of math at Thomas Nelson Com. College, VA, 2006. GPA: 3.5
(Unofficial transcript has larger font.)

An education consists of much more than college classes. I have also learned a lot about archaeology, art history, American history, abuse counseling, and many other topics on my own.