Music Samples

I began setting my poems to music when I was twelve. I obtained a music theory book and taught myself how to notate a music score. Piano was my main instrument until I learned guitar in college. I composed music using Deluxe Music© on the Amiga and produced three CD's.

Music and Sound for Animation

I recently learned how to write and adapt sounds and music for video.

Music for Computer Games

Under contract with Epyx, I scored hymns for the DOS game Bible Builder® and wrote original music for the DOS game Captain Bible® (theme, robot, and several others). For our own company, Inspired Idea, I composed original music for GodSpeed 3D (hotclown, caribbeanjazz, and others).

Original Music Performance on CDs

Using an Amiga computer, a Roland keyboard, a microphone, a midiverb, and an old 4-track recorder; I produced three compact discs.

Heart Witness: title song

I'm Peter's Wife: "I'm Your Woman/Man" Yes, that's Peter singing with me.

Songs for Souls: "And Pray"