Letters of Reference

I have worked with my husband for over a decade on several projects, and we are still happily married. I have had the privilege of teaching my son who became an eagle scout at thirteen and continues to give me many reasons to be proud of him. These two references mean the most to me, but I have also worked outside of the home with some amazing individuals.

Mrs. Sharon Harris, principal

Before she became a principal, Sharon Harris taught elementary students. I had the honor to team-teach 6th grade students with her for two years at Green Valley Christian School. Then I taught one more year with her as the principal. Those three years were the happiest of my teaching career.

Dr. Mike Matwick, CEO

I had the great opportunity of teaching all subjects to a small, self-contained class of 7th and 8th grade students. Pinnacle Education was developed to keep at-risk students in school and engaged in learning.

Mrs. Jane Juliano, principal

Though I did not teach at her school, I did teach her son and others in Boy Scouts for three years. The first year Jane Juliano and I were den mothers for our sons, and we planned and executed all the activities for them.