Clinical Curriculum


The Lettering System

The straight line Unblocked! lettering style is specifically matched to the strengths and weaknesses of the dysgraphic student. This is a logical, legible lettering system (pat. pending) that uses no curves. Rather than forcing a student to conform to an alphabet style that is dysfunctional for him, its easily recognizable letters will meet the student’s printing needs in the real world.

Who should use "Unblocked!"?

Unblocked! is designed for the student diagnosed as dysgraphic. It should not be used for students that are merely a little slow in writing.

The Letter-Box System

Dysgraphic students usually have a great deal of trouble in placement as well as letter formation. Our letter-box system gives full guideline support, both horizontally and vertically. The double box helps keep the letter sizing conceptually clear: the letter goes on the box. The student first traces over the light text, then copies it into the empty boxes below. As the student progresses, the letter-boxes get smaller, progressing to more standard sizes. At the end of the course, transitional pages help the student graduate to normal lined paper.

What's In The Workbook

The workbook contains 114 pages in the following categories (not in order):

#Pages Category
2 Alphabet Presentation
7 Instructions to Teacher
13 Upper-Case Single Words
13 Lower-Case Single Words
26 Sentences Using Both Upper-Case and Lower-Case Words
26 Classic Quotations with Numbers and Punctuation
10 Stroke Practice
5 Empty Letter-box Pages for Free Practice
12 Transitional Practice

With quotations from Aesop to Shakespeare, the student is also learning a bit of history.

The Physical Workbook

We have made this workbook of higher physical quality than is common for a workbook. Your child is already struggling and we feel that he should have to deal with further frustrations from "cost reductions" by the publisher.