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Intriguing words pop up on your computer, refreshing your mind. But TileBag is much more than an inviting screen saver. For help to sweep your division at the next Scrabble® Crossword Game tournament or to find more words in the Perquackey® or Boggle® dice, TileBag is the study tool for you. There are many word lists available with TileBag, and many ways to refine those lists. Just look at the options shown below:

Runs on Windows 95 or later

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System Requirements:

Windows 95 or later, OpenGL (comes with Windows).

Look at the great word lists Included:

Official Word List (OWL), Tournament List, Big Family List, Q without U, Vowel Dump, Names and Places, 3 Letter Rhymes, Double Take, ENABLE List, AILERS Bingo List, ARREST Bingo List, ARSINE Bingo List, ASTER Bingo List, ELDERS Bingo List, ENTAIL Bingo List, ENTERS Bingo List, INSERT Bingo List, IRONES Bingo List, LADIES Bingo List, OSTLER Bingo List, RAINED Bingo List, RETINA Bingo List, SALINE Bingo List, SALTIE Bingo List, SANTER Bingo List, SATIRE Bingo List, SISTER Bingo List, STRAIN Bingo List, TISANE Bingo List, TONERS Bingo List, TONIES Bingo List, TREATS Bingo List, Bible Words (not OWL), Custom List 1, Custom List 2, Custom List 3, Custom List 4, Custom List 5, Custom List 6, Custom List 7, Custom List 8, Custom List 9, and Custom List 10.


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Inspired Idea makes no representation of association with the Scrabble® Crossword Game, Perquackey® or Boggle®.