Michael Peter (Stone) Engelbrite

26 years of Creative Design / Programming Experience!

551 Woodall Court #2, Newport News,VA 23608
Phone: 757-369-9355 - Email:


Current Position: Inspired Idea - Proprietor, Software Engineer, Designer, Packaging Designer, Artist, 3D Artist, Level Designer, Web Master, Consultant
1987 to September 2000: Epyx, Bridgestone Multimedia Group, Alpha Omega Publications (continuous employment through a series of mergers) – Vice President of Product Development, Vice President of Advanced Creative Technologies, Programmer, Director, Producer, Scriptwriter
1986: BR Communications – Programmer
1985: Sight & Sound Music Software, Inc. – Programmer / Designer
1984: Computer Alliance – Owner, Programmer / Designer
1982: Pacesetter Systems, Inc. – Senior Electronic Software Engineer
1980: Issac Systems – Computer Programmer
1978: Qume – Microcomputer Programmer
1978: Intel Memory Systems Division – Software Technician


Systems: Windows (XP/ME/98/95/3.11), OpenGL, DirectX 8 API (some work with shaders), DOS, Amiga, VAX VMS, C-64, Atari 800, Atari 2600, Atari Lynx, Sega Genesis, Nintendo 8-bit, Intel MDS, Mostek, CP/M, RT/11, some Linux
High-Level Languages: C, Visual C++, Visual Basic, Blitz 3D, HTML, DLA Basic, CBL, PL/M, BASIC, FORTRAN, BASM, SIMPL, DIBOL, FORTH, TESTRAN, QUIQ, PASCAL (some Javascript, Perl, Python)
Assembly Languages: 80x86, 6502, 8080, 8085, Z-80, 68000, 1802, 6510, F-8, LSI-11, M-10 Microcode, Pacesetter, Compass (CDC-6400)
Tools: Photoshop, Lightwave/Inspire 3D, 3D Exploration, Milkshape 3D, Real Draw Pro, trueSpace, Setup Generator, Wilbur, GIF Animator, COOL 3D, Leech FTP, Cool Edit Pro, Premiere, Pagemaker, PKZip, Corel Draw, Deluxe Paint, Deluxe Animate, Inno Setup Compiler, Swish (Flash), cpanel
Other: Directing Voice Actors, Story Writing, Script Writing, Production, Animation, Sound Editing, Web Page Design, 3D Modeling, Some Illustration


Best Computer Curriculum (over 11 times)
Best Christian Game (5 times)
Best Lynx Game
Best Phonics Program (2
nd Place)
Christian Game Developers Convention Game of The Year (2
nd place)


Cell Phone Game: Vocabulary cell phone game. Includes OTA audio provisioning, record keeping, automatic advancement. In process. (J2ME, probably PHP / MySQL).
The Game:
Myst-style game with 360 degrees VR environment, creation of GOSPL programming language. In process. (C++, DirectX, Bink video)
The Candy Chronicles:
Animated 3D DVD video series (Lightwave 3D, Movie Edit Pro) - in development -
Action Gallery:
Educational game development system. (Blitz 3D)
The Vote for Bush 3D Adventure:
3D political learning game (Blitz 3D)
Shepherd’s 3D Adventure: Foundation for Christian games (Blitz 3D) - in development / on hold
Christian Founders 3D Adventure: Patriotic 3D history game (Blitz 3D)
Red White & Blue - The Search For Liberty: Patriotic 3D adventure game (Blitz 3D)
HTML Report Generator: Creates test reports for memory systems test (Visual Basic)
Word building game (Blitz 3D)
Academics 3D: Immersive, Dynamic Environments for Academics (Visual C, Visual Basic, Blitz 3D).
Dimensions: Vocabulary building screensaver (Visual C++, OpenGL)
Tilebag: Screensaver for Scrabble players (Visual C++, OpenGL)
One Nation Under God – Christian Founders: Multimedia Game in Blitz 3D (Concept, Design, Programming, Artwork, Packaging, Level Design)
Godspeed 3D: Multimedia Game in Microsoft Visual C++ and DirectX 8 (Concept, Design, Programming, Artwork, Packaging)
Scripture Solitaire: Multimedia Game in Visual Basic and DirectX 7 (Concept, Design, Programming, Artwork, Packaging)
Unblocked Dysgraphia Workbook: Learning Disabled Writing Workbook (Concept, Letter Design, Proofing)
Switched-On Schoolhouse: Full 5-subject, HTML-based, Grade 3-12 (plus electives) Multimedia Curriculum for Windows, this system also includes a TCP/IP client/server Internet synchronization system, animation system (Animazing), programming language (DLA Basic), and a variety of proprietary utilities including: animazing, sostest, sosview, sosedit, card, prepone, prepall, sosprep, burn, datamine, problems with problems, mirror (Design, Programming, Management)
Kingdom Under The Sea: 3D Modeled Animated Television Series (Creator, Director, Story Writer)
Early Seed Commercial Spots for Jesus: Empty Heart, Ashley
Color Phonics: Multimedia Phonics Program 5-CD set (Windows)
Rev-Up for Reading: Early Learning Multimedia Program (Windows)
Rev-Up for Writing: Early Learning Multimedia Program (Windows)
Rev-Up for Arithmetic: Early Learning Multimedia Program (Windows)
Bible Builder: Christian computer game (DOS)
Captain Bible: Christian computer game (DOS)
Todd’s Adventures in Slime World: Side scrolling platform shooter (Lynx)
Gates of Zendocon: Side scrolling space shooter (Lynx)
Barbarian Bodyguard: Adventure (Lynx) project cancelled
The Games Summer Edition: Olympic sports sim (C64, IBM, Apple II) - Managed all / designed most
Uneven Parrallel Bars - The Games Summer Edition: Olympic sports sim (C64)
BMX - California Games: Sports sim (2600)
Hackysack - California Games: Sports sim (2600)
Surfing - California Games: Sports sim (2600)
Ski Jump - Winter Games: Olympic sports sim (2600)
Hotdog Ski - Winter Games: Olympic sports sim (2600)
Luge - Winter Games: Olympic sports sim (2600)
Bobsled - Winter Games: Olympic sports sim (2600)
Pommel Horse - Summer Games: Olympic sports sim (2600)
Stuffing the Briefcase: Puzzle game (PC)
Cascade PC: Tetris-like game (PC)
Cascade Genesis: Tetris-like game (Genesis)
Music Processor: Music creativity product (C64)
Music Video Kit: Music creativity product (C64)
Grape Vines: Resource management / platform (C64)
Asteroid Miner: Action (CP/M)
Mouse Hockey: Action / sports (CP/M)
Dazzle: Graphical demo (Amiga/PC)
Direct Action: (Amiga)
Compilers / Interpreters I have Written: DLA Basic, CBL, BASM, SIMPL, TESTRAN, QUIQ
Other Projects:
Bubble Memory Operating System, Intercardiac Electrogram Graphics Display, Pacemaker Download System, Cardiac Emulator, Audio Tape Data Base, Numerical Analysis Programs, Pacesetter Imagesetter Cross Assembler, CP/M-80 CBIOS, Music Imagesetter, Materials List Generator, Greek Language Text Editor, Greek Language Analysis, Control Firmware for Printers, Cut Sheet Feeder (Hardware), Test Download System, Test System Graphics Display, Reversai, Network Chess, Easy (Relational Database), Digital Synthesizer, 1802 mini-interpreter, American King James (Translation of the Bible), Butterfly, MicroRPG