An Exciting Game

A wild roller coaster-like race through virtual worlds!
No violence but total adrenaline!
When you come to an intersection, choose the lane where you hear the truth or run off the end of the road!
Overcome road hazards like deception, confusion, and greed using faith, hope, love, etc.
No reading or typing required: it uses spoken true/false (KJV) questions.
Cutting edge 3D graphics.
The learning is truly part of the game so you’ll find yourself remembering without really trying.
Advanced users can even create their own lessons with a microphone.

Teaches Bible Literacy

• Four Gospel Books
• John 3:16
• The Lord’s Prayer
• Ten Commandments
• The Beatitudes
• Twelve Apostles
• Twelve Tribes Of Israel
• In the Bible Or Not
• New Testament Books
• Old Testament Books
• Ten Commandments In Order
• Creation Week

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Download Freeware Version

System Requirements

Requires hardware accelerated 3D video card compatible with included Microsoft DirectX 8, Windows 98/Me/XP/2000 or later, mouse, sound card, CD-ROM. Joystick supported but not required.
Compatible with most home desktop PC’s made this century (2000+).
How Can I Tell If I Have Hardware Acceleration?
You can click
HERE to download Test3D
Run it, then click on Start 3D. If it shows DirectX version 8 and and HAL (hardware) selected, then you have everything you need!
Click HERE to download Microsoft DirectX Run-time Files.